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Study on the support system for SME supply chain due diligence.
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs...
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Clarification relating to WP 3 deliverables
1. Is the Commission able to provide additional information on the structure, level of detail, and applicable Commission Information and Communications Technology architecture, website design and hosting standards that are applicable to the following deliverables:   WP 3 - Task 3.2 : “… description of IT requirements" WP 3 -  Task 3.3:  “…online platform outline with relevant texts and website architecture” 2. Task 3.2 "webpage" deliverable - can the Commission advise: a - the period of time that the successful tenderer will require to operate and maintain the Task 3.2 webpage of information materials, on-line checklists and reporting templates; and , b - the entity that will be responsible for hosting this webpage – will the successful tenderer be expected to host this on its own and/or third party IT servers, or will it be installed and hosted on the Commission Europa portal
The aim of this contract is to provide content information that should later be provided on a website. It should therefore organise the information in a form of webpages and sub-pages, with checklists and indication of possible answers and responses the website should return. “Architecture of the website” is used only in terms of website content and ways of presenting it and not in terms IT. Physical launch of the website and hosting are beyond the scope of this call. This decision will be made at a later stage once the content of the website is known. A link to the Europa Website is foreseen.