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Provision of seminars to raise awareness among judges and legal practitioners on...
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European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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Permanent failure with e-Submission: alternative submission form?
Dear European Commission, We have been trying to upload our tender for the last two days. Unfortunately we have always received the following message: “The Call for tender's content is not valid. Please close all browser instances and try again. If the problem persists please contact HELPDESK for assistance”. Yesterday we called the HELPDESK and we were told to send an email. We followed this instruction and 4 hours later we received a standard message indicating that our request had been registered. Status: Registered Subject: eSubmission for JUST/2016/RDIS/PR/EQUA/0014 Reference: IM0014973173 Registration time: 13/09/2016 15:34 Request type: INCIDENT Since then no further information was provided to us. This morning we have once again tried to upload our tender and received the same error message. Given the fact that the deadline for submission is approaching and that we have not been able to fix the problem, we would like to ask the European Commission if an alternative submission in paper form could be considered instead. Kind regards ERA Team
The access to the call for tenders on e-Submission is now available. In case of further questions you can contact our support: +(32) 229 71063 or send an email to: