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Safe transport of lithium batteries by aircraft.
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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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tender “Safty transport of Lithium battries by airport”- MOVE/C2/2016/353
Dear Sir, We have several questions about the tender “Safty transport of Lithium battries by airport” which are listed as follows: 1.Does the study concern the batteries carried in passenger aircraft or freight aircraft or both? 2.We want to know whether the batteries used by aircraft itself are out of the scope of this study. 3.Does the study take into account “active” batteries (for charge use) or “inactive” batteries (ex. not integrated in a computer) or both? 4.Has the European Commission already defined the scope of the batteries’ size, maximum power, their uses…? 5.Should we take into account Traction Batteries (which are used in the car for example)? 6.Page 31 of TENDER SPECIFICATIONS: 10-year experience must be in the lithium battery test or an experience of 10 years in the battery test other than Lithium is acceptable? 7. The duration of the contract in « Tender Specification » is 26 months and the duration in the “Contract notice” is 24 months. Would you please tell us which one is applicable for this tender? Thank you in advance for your answers. Best regards.
1. Both need to be addressed 2. Yes, only batteries transported as freight are to be covered 3. The scope includes all types of lithium ion and metal batteries that are offered for transport 4. In terms of testing, the tender shall select battery models that represent, as far as possible, the worst case scenarios. One lithium ion battery frequently used for testing is 18650 type, but the tender shall define and justify on what grounds certain types of battery are selected 5. Not specifically, see responses above 6. Referring to experience required (table page 31), 10 year experience in battery thermal behaviour and testing is required, this is not limited to lithium battery 7. The works shoud be finalized within 24 months from the date of signature. Final reports and deliverables must be cleared after 26 months