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Assurance collective contre les accidents et décès pour les personnes non statut...
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European Commission, DG Human Resources and Security (HR)
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For the first selection phase, could an insurer bid through different brokers?
Selection phase: Please note that the current call for tenders HR/R3/PO/2016/034 is an open procedure, which unlikely a restricted procedure, is not divided into selection and award phase. An open procedure is conducted in one submission phase during which the economic operators are invited to send all the documentation requested (exclusion, selection and award criteria). Several offers: An economic operator is free to submit more than one offer to a given call for tenders as far as there is no distortion of competition intended. Economic operators submitting several offers are invited to mark clearly in any of their offers that this is a separate offer and not one intended to replace a bid sent earlier in time by the same economic operator. Attention is drawn to the fact that as stated in section III.4.1 of tender specifications the contract will be awarded to the lowest bid which is in order and satisfies the conditions laid down in the procurement documents. Please note that the role of an insurance intermediary (broker) is clarified in section II.4 of the tender specifications. As stated there, a broker is acting as an administrative point of contact only and a tenderer could not rely on broker's capacity in regard to the selection criteria as the selection criteria do not apply to the broker.