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European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA)
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Task 6 – dataset of long-text publications
The ToR state the contractor is expected to clean and enhance the information held by the ERCEA "concerning monographs, book chapters and other long-text publications". Can ERCEA confirm that the 3,500 publications in this dataset are all monographs, books and other long-text publications - in other words that peer-reviewed articles and other scientific outputs are recorded separately?
As indicated in section 2.4.2 of the tender specifications, the Contracting Authority will provide the Contractor with a list of publications related to results from ERC funded projects. All together this list will consist of around 100,000 records, describing publications of a wide variety of publication types. A subset of approximately 3,500 records in this dataset have been identified as long-text publications (monographs, book chapters, etc.) and labelled as such. Since the specification of the publication type (journal article, book chapter, etc.) is mostly based on the reporting by the PIs it is likely that there will be a certain error rate.