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Organisation and implementation of training activities on controls on contaminan...
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Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea)
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Must CVs and Statements of Availability and Exclusivity for the Project Manager, Event Managers, Assistant Event Managers, Training Coordinator and Tutors be included in the administrative offer at the time of tender submission? Section 4.2.3 Technical and professional capacity criteria within the Specifications attached to the invitation to tender refers to these CVs and Annexes IX as “Evidence” that must be “added to the tender” (Requirements table - last column). Section 4.2.3 also says that “Following contract award and before signature of the contract, the successful tenderer will be required to provide the evidence mentioned above and within the deadline set by the Contracting Authority”.
Following the latest revision of the Financial Regulation, evidence on selection criteria will no longer be requested at the time of submission of the tender. Therefore, CVs and Statements of Availability and Exclusivity for the team should not be included in the administrative offer at the time of tender submission. The Contracting Authority will evaluate selection criteria on the basis of the declarations on honour, as stated in section 4.2.3 of the Tender Specifications, under the title "Submission of information and evidence". CVs and Statements of Availability and Exclusivity are listed in the Requirements table, under section 4.2.3, in order to clearly describe the kind of evidence that the successful tenderer will be requested to submit before the signature of the contract. Nevertheless, the Contracting Authority reserves the right to require evidence of the legal and regulatory, financial and economic, technical and professional capacity of the tenderers at any time during the procurement procedure and contract performance. Please note that sufficient information on the quality of the proposed tutors’ panel in terms of technical expertise, pedagogical skills and experience in providing training courses should be included in the technical offer in order for the evaluation committee to assess the Technical Merit under Point 3 of the technical evaluation criteria table.