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Support to research and innovation policy in the area of bio-based products and ...
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European Commission, DG Research and Innovation (RTD)
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English (en)
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Supporting evidence to be attached to the tender
Should the following documents be attached to the tender as supporting evidence, or are they covered by the Declaration on honour (section 4.2.1 of tender specifications) ? - CV of Project Manager (criterion B1) - Three reports in English (criterion B2) - CVs of experts and Team Members (criterion B3)
These evidence must be provided upon request only. As indicated in the Section 4.2.1., the tenderer must provide the declaration on honour stating that the tenderer fulfils selection criteria. The Contracting Authority will evaluate selection criteria on the basis of this declaration on honour. When submitting your tender you don’t have to submit supporting evidence. Nevertheless Contracting Authority reserves the right to require the evidence at any time during the procurement procedure and contract performance. Please also have in mind after the contract award the successful tenderer will be required to provide evidence for the selection criteria.