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Development of a mechanistic model to assess risks to honeybee colonies from exp...
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Formal questions on financial offer
Or shall the offer be a detailed offer with resources/personnel needed for each phase of the project? In case of the latter, would this then be provided as a separate document?
In Part 3 of the Tender Specifications you will find detailed instructions on how to submit an offer via the e-submission application tool and what should your offer consist of. In particular, under STEP: e-submission wizard step 3 of 5 - QUALIFICATION: tender, it is clearly indicated how to submit your technical and financial offers. Regarding the technical offer the following is indicated: Technical offer: The technical tender needs to be uploaded in the section "Tender" in the e-Submission application. The tenderer will need to select the "Technical Tender" document from the dropdown box ("Financial Tender or Technical Tender"). The e-Submission application allows attachment of as many documents as necessary. This technical section is of great importance in the assessment of the offers, the award of the contract and the future execution of any resulting contract. The technical offer must cover all aspects required in the technical specifications and provide all the information needed to reply to the quality award criteria (see section 2.6 A). Offers deviating from the minimum requirements or not covering all minimum requirements will be excluded on the basis of non-conformity with the tender specifications and will not be evaluated (see section 2.5). In case of subcontracting: please indicate in the technical offer the % proportion of subcontracting.