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European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA)
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Compulsory use of forms annexed to the Tender Specifications
Point 4 of the Invitation to tender states: "Tenders must: … make use of the forms provided in the annexes to the tender specifications". The tender specifications list 5 Annexes (page 45). Do all of these have to be submitted with the tender?
The tender must include Annex 1 (Cover letter), Annex 2 (Declaration on honour on exclusion criteria and selection criteria) and Annex 3 (Financial tender form). - Concerning Annex 1: In case of joint tender a cover letter for each entity in the group has to be submitted and the leader must be clearly identified. The cover letter must be signed by an authorised representative (it should be signed in blue ink and stamped). Identified subcontractors must be indicated in the cover letter as well. - Concerning Annex 2: It is essential that the form in Annex 2 is used, rather than 'recycling' a declaration on honour that was prepared for another tendering procedure and that may not completely coincide with the form used for this procedure (in particular, the references to specific sections of the tender specifications in part VII of the form are likely to be different for different procedures). Annex 4 (Financial capacity form) has to be provided on request. Annex 5 (Power of attorney linked to the contract performance) has to be completed by the winning tenderer, if applicable.