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16.CAT.OP.187: Development and execution support for Operation Headquarters/Forc...
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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ICT. For the Seminar (WP 300) and Table-Top exercise (WP 400), it is assumed that the host OHQ will provide all the required ICT, including for the 2 OHQ staffs and Exercise Control. Is this assumption correct?
The ICT that will be provided by the OHQ in support of WP300 is described in chapter 1.4.3 stating: “The hosting HQ will provide the classroom (up to 50 participants) as host nation support, including basic ICT equipment for presentations (Computer and Beamer) and coffee/ tea catering during breaks free of costs. Internet Access can be provided as host nation support either through Fixed Line or Wi-Fi free of costs. ICT (e.g. laptop or desktop PC) will be provided either by EDA or the host nation.” . The course/seminar should be designed in a way that students may use their own ICT to take own notes but that the availability of a classroom network (including work stations) for all students will not be necessary. For WP 400 also the requirements under 1.4.3 apply. ICT necessary to fulfill contractor obligations (e.g. Collect Data on the execution of the exercise along the Exercise Evaluation and Analysis Plan; Collect feedback from the exercise audience, ExCon, observers etc. on the exercise through surveys and collection of observations) is a responsibility of the contractor. If EDA/Host nation ICT shall be used for fulfilling partially some of the contractors obligations that should be explicitly addressed in the offer and shall not imply the procurement/availability of specific hard- or software. Such activities should be executable with standard office applications.