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Staff satisfaction survey services.
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European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
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About Phase 4: Follow-up activities
This is about your requirements for (a) advice and training to 20 internal facilitators to support workshops and focus groups and (b) Organisation of 20 workshops and focus groups with 10 to 20 participants each to draft action plans As we are training internal facilitators, can I please confirm if you require us to deliver the 20 workshops/focus groups, or simply to organise/schedule them for you, with the internal facilitators then delivering them. Thanks
EUIPO requires that the provider delivers the organisation / scheduling of the 20 workshops as well as attend actively each workshop. When the provider delivers the 20 workshops, the role entails to be present, sometimes as leader facilitator, sometimes as support to the internal facilitator, sometimes as back up to the facilitator (depending on the need and competencies of the internal facilitator and requirements from the Human Resources Department). In all cases, the provider is required to be present in the workshops to observe the facilitators and provide constructive feedback. The training received by the facilitators has to be put in practice and the provider’s expertise is key so as to put in practice the “learning acquired ” by facilitators. In addition, as you the provider has to prepare and deliver draft action plans, it is key to attend each workshop to listen to staff so as to deliver action plans which will help EUIPO to improve and get better staff engagement in the long run.