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Media services - online communication consultancy service.
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European Commission, DG Communication (COMM)
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Question regarding the technical tender on page 8 of the tender specifications : "In preparing their offer, tenderer must set out in details their plans for the development and management of the output described in Point 2. "
Can you please clarify what do you mean? What is the 'output' that you are referring to and what management of it?? Thanks in advance!
Dear Tenderer, We acknowledge receipt of your message and, in reply to your question, we would like to inform you that the output and tasks requested by this tender are described in some detail at Point 2 of the tender specification, which you can find on pages 3 to 7, including in the detailed box: "Description of Services Requested". How you intend to develop and manage the services should be described in a detailed action plan. It is up to each tenderer to show how they will carry out the services requested. We hope this clarifies the matter. Best regards, European Commission Representation in Ireland 12-14 Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland