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16.CPS.OP.180 European male RPAS training technology demonstrator.
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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The demonstrator is compound of four different materials : Software, Hardware, 3D Databases, Training Scenarios. At the end of the Framework contract : • Will the contracting authority acquire the software licenses for pre-existing COTS, or are they provided by the contractor for the framework duration?
The Contractor may incrementally acquire the software licenses (as the sites come on-line) for the use of pre-existing COTS as part of the contractor’s proposed solution from third parties for the duration of the framework contract. The licences should allow the personnel of the nine participating Member States involved in this project to operate the equipment at their own national location, without any additional licencing requirements. As this is a demonstration project, there is no requirement to extend the licences beyond the 4-year framework period and it is not EDA’s intent to acquire at the end of the period as future activity may well be covered by a new contractual arrangement.