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Interagencies e-learning language courses.
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European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
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Technical integration
Dear, You mention a technical intregration into the I/A's LMS. Could you specify if there is a central LMS for all participating Agencies and Institutions? If not, how many different system integrations should be considered? Thank you
Your question is not fully clear, but if it refers to the enrolment process described under 2.4.4 of the technical specification, our reply is the following: The fact that I/A`s staff will enrol to the via I/A`s internal learning system does not mean that the I/A`s learning system has to be connected to the LMS of the provider. The courses will be created by the I/A on the internal LMS platform (course catalogue) for purpose of the internal approval. As it described in the following paragraph, thereafter either the I/A sends the list of learners to the provider or the by allowing direct access of learners to the contractor’s platform where the users create their own account on the contractor's platform.