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Provision of canteen and catering services for the European Environment Agency.
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Annex 6 - prices
In neither of the cases above, is it possible for the bidders to submit comparable bids, since they are not aware of the relative volumes for each of the product items. A canteen budget arises as the accumulated result of a set of activities – higher or lower lunch covers compared to eg. soup covers, will make for a markedly different raw material and personnel budget, and therefore P1-P7 costs and the resultant subsidy amount. Can the Agency please provide the volume and relative distribution between the products in row A for bidders to be able to submit a reliable budget? It is not sufficient to know there are 130-140 lunch covers pr. day, it is necessary to know the distribution thereof among the different product lines. Thank you very much.
According to estimations based on consumption in 2016 for the canteen services, every day approximately 130 staff lunches and 10 guest lunches are served. Out of these, the vast majority concerned the lunch buffet option, followed by the salad, cheese, soup and cold cuts option. Please note that these figures are merely indicative and will vary depending on the season, the number of meetings and participants, as well as the actual sales achieved by the contractor. All tenders will be evaluated on the basis of the same criteria, and the contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender in terms of quality and price. With regards to the price criterion, tenderers are requested to submit a financial offer giving the all-inclusive (i.e. inclusive of all expenditures involved in the performance of the contract (e.g. management costs; administrative costs such as salaries of contracted personnel including social security, holiday and sickness allowances; insurance; equipment; inspection costs; etc.)), by completing the price quotation template attached as annex 6 to the tender specifications. For the purpose of the evaluation only, the prices taken into consideration will be the subtotals (P1, P2, … P8) as calculated in Annex 6 – Price quotation (see Annex 6 and the table on page 14 of the tender specifications). For more details on the formula that will be used for the evaluation please refer to section 11.3.2 of the tender specifications.