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Provision of services for quality assurance, quality control and project managem...
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European Commission, DG Taxation and Customs Union (TAXUD)
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We notice a considerable difference between the volumes in the historical baseline, compared to the volumes provided in the price table, which are in many cases almost 2.5 times as high (for instance for WP-9.4.1A-1). Is this intentional, also given the reverse effect that would be caused by the proportionality principle which is being introduced ? What is the reasoning behind this ?
The increase of volumes is not caused by the introduction of the proportionality principle. The justification of this increase is two-fold: - DG TAXUD anticipates a growth of IT activities in the five forthcoming years, notably linked to the ICS2 Project; - The consumptions of QA3 services of the past two years were capped and below the operational expectations. As stated in Section 6.3 "Volumetric estimates" of the Terms of Reference, DG TAXUD provides these estimates in order to proceed to the financial comparison of the financial offers received and to estimate the value of the FWC. The estimated quantities provide as well an indication of the upper bound of the services quantities that the Commission envisages to order over the duration of the contract. The Commission does not take any commitment to order the totality of the estimated quantities set in the TBP Workbook.