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Implementation of the European Youth Event 2018.
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Technical part - Which structure?
In the EYE 2018 conditions, on page 5, one can read "The order and numbering of the sections must be followed without fail." But there seems to be only one section proposed "technical documents". Then it lists 6 items. Are we suppose to follow the structure of those 6 items? Under item 2, it specifies "the contents of the technical bid meet the requirements set out in the award criteria as closely as possible". Since item 3 and 4 match criterion 1, items 5 and 6 match criterion 2 and items 1 and 2 match criterion 3, we would welcome which structure we should follow. Thank you for your time and clarification.
The tender is organised in three parts, some of them with one or several sections. All sections and all parts must be covered. The items listed under section 1, part II should be easily identifiable in the tender. The award criteria specify content to be assessed and the supporting documents to be presented, not a structure or an order of documents.