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Legal services.
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European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol)
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question on the statement of the experience of the lawyers.
In Annex A (i) it is stated (2.6.3) under lot 1,2,4,5 that a statement shall be given that demonstrates the average number of specialist legal staff over the last 3 years. On lot 3 it is required that all named lawyers state their individual experience. Can Europol please explain the difference between lot 3 and lot 1,2,4,5. Can Europol agree that it is suffice for lot 3 to give a general statement like on the other lots, so not every lawyer should state individualy.
Yes, for Lot 3 we agree to change the criterion in line with the other lots. The requirement for all lots is: A statement of the candidates (i.e. company's) average number of specialist legal staff over the past 3 years. Please note that "specialist legal staff" should be understood as legal staff with the particular expertise as required by each lot (e.g. expertise in Dutch commercial law/ ICT projects for Lot 1)