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Data4Safety - big data platform.
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European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
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Partners Vs Sub-contractors providing qualifying references
We take note of the Technical and Professional capacity Selection criteria, and the split of: - Big data references to be proven in Annex IV.b; and - Proven FDM expertise and competence - to be proven in Annex IV.c. When two separate legal entities respond, organised as, either: (i) two partners deliver the professional experience of bid data and FDM (one partner each); OR (ii) a sub-contractor providing one or other of these two (bid data OR FDM) experiences, and the lead-organisation delivers the other. Will these two constructions be considered as equally qualified, or would one be considered better than another?
The distinction between (i) and (ii) of your question makes no difference for complying with the respective SELECTION CRITERIA on Technical and Professional capacity (see also sections 1.5 and 1.6 of the tender specifications). However, the main services requested by this call for tenders are strongly relying on the Big Data capacities. The FDM expertise and competence being a necessary complement. For the purpose of assessing the TECHNICAL QUALITY of their offer, tenderers are requested to clearly lay down their proposed Methodology/Solution including sub-contracting arrangements foreseen/ description of the input from each of the consortium members (see section 3.3.1 – award criterion n°. 2) as well as their Organisation of work (see section 3.3.1 – award criterion n°. 5).