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Framework contract for the provision of services in the areas of evaluation, imp...
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European Commission, DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE)
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Conditions for Participation to the Tender
Reference is made to Section 1.2 - Participation of the Tender Specifications. We understand that the conditions for participation must be satisfied at the time of submitting the tender whereas they are not binding thereafter. Let's consider the case of a grouping consisting of three legal persons that at the time of submitting the tender are all "coming within the scope of the Treaties". During the implementation of the framework contract one of the three legal persons ceases to fulfil the condition of "coming within the scope of the Treaties" because, say, the country in which it is established is no longer a member of the European Union. We understand that this would not affect in any way the participation of the Consortium in tenders for specific contracts under the framework contract. Are we correct?
If during the implementation of the FWC an amendment is necessary, this will be dealt in line with the General Conditions.