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Media monitoring and analysis services for Denmark.
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Question details
Media Analysis
We wish to ask if it’s possible to be informed of how many press clippings the European Parliament expects to be analyzed in the quantitative analysis on a yearly basis? Suppliers in the market have expenses to the medias based on the number of press clippings that the supplier have to monitor in order to perfom the analysis. In order for tenders to submit a tender on equal conditions it would be appropriate to be informed of the number of press clippings.
The average quantities requested in this call for tender were calculated based on previous year experience. Nevertheless it is a quantity which depends on the activity of the media and the European Parliament gave the averages as an estimation and it does not commit in any way to request all or part of this quantities. For more information on the averages for quantitative analysis please check Annex VIII – Price list –Simulation budget contract.