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Media monitoring and analysis services for Denmark.
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Media Monitoring
In Annex 1a (Part 1 – Media Monitoring), it is stated that each media item must be delivered with a range of metadata, including their “category” (subject of article). Does this refer to categories/subjects defined by the bidder, or to a set of categories pre-defined by the European Parliament? Additionally, it is stated that further appearances about a topic must be indicated at the end of each summary. Does “topic” in this context refer to the category/subject indicated in the metadata?
The categories/subjects will be defined by the European Parliament and presented to the successful tenderer in a drop down menu in the EPMM platform. For the simulation the tenderer has to state itself the subject of the article. By further appearances the tenderer must understand similar articles in the different media types of the same brand. Example: Århus Stiftstidende and have a similar factual news on a topic of the EP plenary only one summary from the print together with the clipping and a mention of the online at the end of the summary is sufficient. This applies only to non-core sources