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Media monitoring and analysis services for Denmark.
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Based on your answer to question 14, we would like the European Parliament to draw attention to the sheet Simulation Budget Contract in Annex VIII – Price list. Here the number of units per year is differently divided for the packages of the quantitative and qualitative analysis pr year. Eg. it is estimated that there will be 8 deliveries of quantitative media analysis of a package under 50 items pr year but 17 qualitative media analysis for package under 50 items pr year. How does this comply with your answer to question 14?
The media analysis as explained also in answer 14 is divided into qualitative and quantitative parts. We are providing average numbers of articles for each part to be analysed as well as the number of times per year each part will be requested in order for the tenderer to be able to come up with a price. The analysis on the duration of the contract will only be requested via order forms on the basis of the unit price for each of the items stated in Annex Price list and keeping in line with the total budget for analysis given in the Technical specifications.