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Mail and distribution management services.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Luxembourg-Luxembourg: EIB - Mail and distribution management Services - LOT 2
Dear all, We would like to submit you the following questions related to your tender : 1st question: Could you please verify why in the ANNEX T03 - Table of Countries served and definitions of zones - delivery times for Lot 2 Switzerland is showing up in Zone 1 as well in Zone 2. Could you please confirm in which Zone Switzerland has to be? 2nd question: We noticed that you changed the weight brakes from you past tender in the Appendix F02 – Tariff Scale for Lot 2 is this correct? We just want to keep your intention on the point that the shown weight brakes are not in line with the industry standards. Meaning the industry standards are 2 digits behind the coma and not 3. Also a 3 digit value behind the coma would automatically been increased to the next higher value.
Answer to 1st question: Switzerland belongs to Zone 1, not to Zone 2. Definition of Zone 2 should be read "Europe (excluding EU Member States and Switzerland)". Answer to 2nd question: A corrected Appendix F02 - Tariff Scale for LOT 2 has been uploaded to eTendering in the Document Library.