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Security and safety services Luxembourg.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Financial offer - explosive detection dogs
In the Annex A.1 Form. 14.1 “Bill of Quantities”, option 3, the explosives detection dogs are scheduled on a night shift. 1. Does it imply that there is no need for explosives detection dogs on the day shift? 2. Or is this detection mission will be carried out by agents equipped with analyzer observed in the control room while the site visit ? 3. Could you clarify why explosives detection dogs are only required on a night shift while the EIB is open during the day, in business hours?
1. Correct, there is no need for explosive detection dogs on day shift 2. Yes 3. According to the current state of play the client intends to receive deliveries on working days from 23 h to 5 h and the security officers with explosives detection dogs will be applied for security checks of deliveries.