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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Lifeguard Service
o On pg 9 Technical Specifications 3.3.7. Lifeguard Service you mention the supervision of the users of the indoor swimming pool with the highest attention and highest care during opening hours. What is your definition of the user of the pool & the average occupation (in numbers) of the pool in function of the type of user please? What are the opening hours per type of user (children vs adults)? o On pg 17 Technical Specifications 4.4.7. Safety Officer, the mission of Lifeguard Service is mentioned as one of the tasks of the Safety Officer. Given the fact that this role falls out of the scope of the law of 12.11.2002 on private security activities, which are the exact missions of the safety guard or to what legislation, level of qualifications and specific skills we need to comply for providing lifeguards?
Users are staff members of the EIB Group and their family members (adults and children). The number of users at the same time may not exceed 25 persons. Current swimming pool opening hours are provided in section 3.3.7, Volume 3, Technical specifications. At the present time, there are no specific swimming pool opening hours for children. Please note that currently the swimming pool also opens during the Weekends. The service provider shall fulfill all applicable legal obligations regarding life guard service for users of an indoor swimming pool.