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Security and safety services Luxembourg.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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- Mandatory Training
o On pg 11 Technical Specifications 4.1. General Description you ask to precise the mandatory training. If we take into account both external recrutement of new security personnel (all levels) as well as internal mobility/promotion of current EIB security personnel to a new role, how many hours do you request minimum per key role? o In addition, in Annex A.1 Form 14.1: Bill of Quantities 7 different Security Officers are mentioned (ref 0,8 -> ref 0,14). On pg 16 & 17 Technical Specifications 4.4.5. Security Officer you quote that SEO shall operate in all areas of Security Operations. During the site visit we observed different types of SEO (incl. Security Control Room guards (CCTV & alarm monitoring), reception guards, patrol or mobile guards, static guards, incident response officers, event protection, etc) as defined on pg 2 of Annex 1. What is the preferred minimum on-the-job training per type of SEO please?
The service provider shall provide training for their staff on a scale, intensity level as well as frequency level that ensures that their staff is capable to perform the services on a level requested by the client. The client prefers that the service provider provides staff who are capable to perform their roles as of the first day of the service for the client.