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Security and safety services Luxembourg.
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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- Access Control Administrator
o On pg 16 Technical Specifications 4.4.4. Access Control Administrator specific qualifications and skills are defined. As the responsabilities are 100% administrative, what do you mean exactly with the mention of the phrase “Necessary training and/or qualifications in the concerned areas of responsabilities proved by certificates, in particular for the operation of electronical or technical access control and detection devices such as but not limited to operating X-Ray machine, metal detector, handling of watch and/or explosive detection dogs, as well as for armed security services” which is exactly the same phrase as the one for SEO (pg 17 Technical Specifications 4.4.5.) please?
The Security Officers serving as Access Control Administrators shall be able to administrate the relevant personal and technical data regarding permanent/temporary access rights, vehicle parking permissions and door key provisions for EIB Group staff. In addition, these Security Officers shall be capable to serve in the access control areas of the client's premises to control the access of persons and vehicles.