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Provision of travel agency services, meeting attendance registration and booking...
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Travel risk consultation (p12. Tender specifications)
It is possible to have more information on Travel risk consultation (p12. Tender specifications)? According to section, "Travel assistance" must be provided in accordance with SLA 8 related to the 24/7 service. However, we noticed that the time to process travel risk consultation is expressed in working days. Is it correct that this last service should not necessarily be covered by the 24/7 service?
The sentence “Travel assistance must be provided in accordance with SLA 8” on page 12 of the tender specifications only applies to Prompt Travel Assistance service as described in section SLA 8 does not apply to Travel Risks Consultation, which is a service which can only be requested by EFSA and the successful tenderer would be required to reply to such requests within 2 working days for urgent requests and 5 working days for non-urgent matters.