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Meaning of "nurse responsible for general care"
Could you kindly clarify that the meaning of "nurse responsible for general care" encompasses all non-specialized nurses? There could be some confusion with the nurse specialization of general practice. Thank you.
The "nurse responsible for general care" referred to in this call for tender should be understood in the meaning of Directive 2005/36/EC, as amended. In principle, such nurse responsible for general care must hold evidence of formal qualifications listed in Annex V point 5.2.2. to the Directive which satisfy the minimum training conditions referred to in Article 31 and thus have the right to use one of the professional titles listed in Annex V point 5.2.2. For the sake of clarity, please note that in the process of cross-border recognition of qualifications also nurses that are holders of qualifications that do not fulfil the above-mentioned criteria could, under certain conditions, be recognized as nurses responsible for general care under the Directive (acquired rights regime or general system); However, this is irrelevant for the purpose of this call as its goal is to assess the current national training programmes and current national requirements on knowledge and skills which in principle should be compliant with the minimum training requirements under the Directive.