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High-level seminars for senior management of the national statistical institutes...
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European Commission, DG EUROSTAT
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Specific selection criteria
The specific requirements of section 2.8, page 14, state that the tenderer should provide evidence of "the organization of at least 5 similar events during the last 3 years .... " Could you please specify what constitutes a "similar" event? The size, the type of audience (e.g. high-level officials of national authorities from ENP-East and Central Asian countries or from any countries in general), the subject matter (e.g. official statistics)?
'Similar events' refers to multi-lingual seminars or conferences in different EU or ENP-East countries, other than the one in which the contractor is based, for an audience of high high-level officials from more than five different countries, many of whom cannot speak English or French. For these events the contractor should have managed not only the logistics of the conference/seminar itself, including translation of event papers and presentations and provision of interpretation, but also the travel and accommodation of the participants.