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Provision of interim services for EASO in Greece.
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European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA)
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Tender specifications 1.7. SALARY SCALES
In Greece employees in the private sector are entitled to 14 salaries. The indicated gross salaries per category will be multiplied by 14. Is that correct?
No, this is not correct. EASO will pay 12 * the ‘total cost per month’ (1/ ‘gross salary’ + 2/ ‘fee’ = ‘total cost per month’ - see technical specifications section 1.7). ANY AND ALL ADDITIONAL COSTS – including the TOTAL AMOUNT associated with ‘13-14 month salary’ shall be included in the fee (element #2 of the total cost which shall only be paid 12 times per year). Therefore, to account for these costs the tenderer is advised to distribute these costs in the fees. Find below an ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (therefore figures are illustrative only): - The total costs for the 13th and 14th month for category I are €6,000 (gross €2,300 x 2 months + €1,400 associated costs). The tenderer must distribute these costs in the fees, this is the only way it can account for these costs. Therefore the tenderer should add €500 to its monthly fee (€500 = €6,000 / 12 months) - Without taking account of 13th and 14th month: 1/Monthly gross salary €2,300 + 2/fees €2,000 = Total cost per month €4,300. Taking account of 13th and 14th month: 1/ Monthly gross salary €2,300 + 2/(fees €2,000 + €500) = €4,800