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Provision of interim services for EASO in Greece.
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European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA)
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Question details
Maternity leave or long sick leave
In case of maternity leave or long sick leave, is the contactor or EASO that will absorb the additional cost of recruitment and replacement of the employee?
For other leave, not including annual leave, which the interim staff is entitled to under applicable legislation (including sick leave, maternity leave, etc), EASO shall pay in full up to 5 working days. After 5 working days, payment shall be reduced at a rate of 5% (of the total cost per month of the interim staff) per day not worked, up to a maximum reduction of 100%, until the return of the interim staff, a replacement or the termination of the order form. The contractor shall be exclusively responsible towards the interim staff, financially and otherwise, for non-annual-leave absences exceeding 5 working days. In case EASO requests a replacement, this will be considered interruption of the service. The contractor shall provide a suitable replacement, in line with the Technical specifications.