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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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servizio richiesto: (4) Safety and security.
Buongiorno, chiedo gentilmente cosa si intende nel dettaglio per il servizio richiesto di sicurezza: "Safety and security"(servizio n. 4 pag. 7 del doc. TENDER SPECIFICATIONS punto 1.2 Objective of this procedure).
In delivering its services, the Framework Contractor will be required to comply with and act in full respect of the Health and Safety Regulations at EU and national level. Reference is made to EU directive 89/391 (, which provides the framework for the Italian law D. Lgs 81/2008 ( The Contractor may be required to show evidence that safety at work is ensured in compliance with the Law. In addition, the Contractor may be required to implement ad hoc security services during events to ensure the physical security of participants to events in Italy and abroad. Instructions will be given by EFSA’s Security Officer, who is in contact with the local authorities (police) in the country where the event takes place, and is responsible for performing a risk assessment and defining possible mitigation measures.