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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs...
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In Article I.3.1. of the draft Contract it is stated that the maximum total amount to be paid by the Commission under the Contract shall be EUR 600.000 covering both the management fee and the reimbursable expenses as indicated below under point I.3.4. In addition in Annex 6.11 it is specified the maximum chargeable prices per requested serivce. Can you please clarify if the cost of the various categories of the requested services as described in Annex 6.1 are to be covered by the the maximum total amount of EUR 600.000 or if the EUR 600,000 is only for the lump sum mnagement fee and for the reimbursable expenses? Furthermore, please clarify if the tenderers are requested to present in their financial proposal the maximum unit prices the tenderers can offer for each service in Annex 6.11?
600.000 € is the total amount of the contract covering both the management fee and the reimbursable expenses, and no exceed will be allowed. Annex 6.11 shows the maximum chargeable prices per requested service. The tenderers are not requested to present a maximum charge price, since it is established by the Commission. The contractor will take it into account for the organisation of the meetings.