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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Extra and intra muros activities and profiles
In page 11 of tender specifications, there is a service 21 for extra-muros assignement with the same profiles as the ones of annex 7. In the budget table, there is a distinction between intra muros activities and extra muros activities. Can you explain the difference between extra and intra muros ? Are you referring to the same type of profiles as detailed in annex 7 for both type of activities ?
As explained in the tender specifications (page 12), extra muros fees are applicable for projects and tasks carried out by the same Contractor’s staff outside its working premises. This may apply to venue inspections, external meetings, long-term assignment with secondment to EFSA’s seat, and on-site assistance/supervision during meetings and events. Assuming that daily fees for extra muros activities are higher than intra muros (given they shall be inclusive of estimated daily subsistence costs such as local transport, meals, and accommodation), hourly rates for the same profiles are repeated twice to reflect the different pricing that the Contractor may want to apply for project work delivered inside or outside its premises.