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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Test case
The venue requirements for the test case require a media centre with 20 seats. However, journalists do not figure among the audiences to be invited. Can you clarify whether the journalists are part of the 600 participants? In the affirmative - how will journalists be invited and how many journalists are expected to participate at the event? - how does the number of journalists fit into the repartition of audiences? In the negative is it to the tenderer to identify them and invite them?
Some journalists and media representatives (normally less than 15) may register to an academic event like the one described in the test case, but typically they would not follow it in full, although they must be given access to the session rooms like any other participants (it is standard practice in all our events that the room capacity allows some margin of manoeuvre). Journalists would primarily sit in the media room, meet EFSA’s media officers and interview speakers. The tenderer is not requested to proactively identify and invite them. Journalists registering to an event spontaneously or being invited to attend by EFSA’s press office would receive a different badge in a dedicated lane at the registration desks and are clearly categorised to gain access to the media room.