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Annex 2 - Technical Offer
There is no place in the Technical Offer for us to describe our Quality System and the Incident and Problem Management processes? Please can you clarify that you do not need descriptions of the Incident and Problem Management and that the adherence to ITIL 2011 (v3) is sufficient for the evaluation of the Technical Offer?
Please see Point A.8.1, last but one paragraph of specifications which stipulate “The tender shall include a separate section for each of ten (10) Subparts, providing sufficient detail to allow for the assessment of both criteria (Adequacy/Completeness and Quality) taking into account the corresponding requirements in part B but also section B.7 (Service availability), and the information provided in the draft Service Level Agreement (SLA) where applicable. ITIL 2011 best practices must be followed in the context of the requested services, whenever appropriate” and the mandatory elements to include in each subpart of the Technical Offer indicated in Table 1. You may provide all the information that you consider relevant for the evaluation of the different subparts.