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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Service Level Agreement (SLA)
The Technical Proposal must contain a proposal for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on Annex 4 (14-EN-Technical Annex 4 Draft SLA). There is a fairly direct mapping between the sections in chapter 8 “List of Key performance indicators” of Annex 4 and the criteria as listed in Tender Specs section 4.2. For instance Indicators for contract governance => Contract governance, 20p Indicator for human resources => General HR, 20p Etc. Questions: A) Will you please explain the following “anomalies” in the mapping? • There are no criteria for the section in Annex 4 related to the indicator for the Takeover phase. • There are no criteria related to the indicators on Communication and documentation. B) Our understanding is that the tenderer is expected to review the KPIs (for “adequacy, completeness and relevance of the description, levels, specific organization and infrastructure, methods and tools to fulfil the recommended Indicators”) and to amend the tables. Is our understanding correct? C) The number of KPIs varies between 2 and 11, but each section has the same weight (20 points). Will you please clarify how sections with different number of KPIS will be evaluated ? D) On page 1 of the Annex 4, it is explained that “In chapter 9 the mandatory Key performance indicators cannot be amended whilst the recommended ones may be altered to some degree”. There is no chapter 9.
A) Indeed there is a relationship in the desired service agreement and the technical offer, while there is not necessarily a 1:1 mapping. Still the takeover phase is reflected in the offer evaluation with 150 points. Communication and documentation will be assessed under the “service delivery plan”. B) Your understanding is correct. But the mandatory KPIs should be included. C) Each KPI will be assessed within the section with equal weight. D) The reference should be chapter 8 instead of 9.