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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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request for clarification
1. The “Estimates for Work area 2 - ICT BackOffice” in tender specifications section are summing 101%. It seems a rounding error. Can you please confirm if this is the case and provide guidance on how to read this difference. 2. The tender specifications refer […]The tenderer must propose a team for the service delivery, where the submitted CVs have to fulfil the requirements defined in 2.2.12. […] in the second bullet of the section 4.1. We were not able to find the section 2.2.12 in the tender specification so can you please clarify if this is a missing section in the tender specifications or a missing reference for the target document to look for.
1. The estimations in the work area Backoffice under indeed add up to 101% due a rounding error. It should be noted that these are anyhow estimations for the potentional contractor to get a general understanding on the workload distribution. The workload distribution will vary over time. 2. Regarding the reference to the CV, the reference 2.2.12 should be replaced with reference to