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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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TS, page 13. Minimum Requirements
The TS, page 13 Minimum Requirements, stipulates: "1. All contractor’s consultants working for ECDC need to have at minimum an ITIL foundation certification". Question#1. Contrary to the above, Technical Annex 3 - Consultancy Profiles, doesn't impose that minimum ITIL Foundation requirement for the Audio visual technician, System administrator, Database administrator, SharePoint administrator and Integration tester. Is our understanding correct that these profiles do not need to be ITIL V3 Foundation certified before and after the signature of the FWC? Question#2. Should a given consultant not yet have passed his/her ITIL Foundation/Expert certification prior to the contract award date for this tender, can ECDC agree that the minimum certification for said consultant must be obtained within 6 months after the FWC signature date?
All contractors consultants working for ECDC need to have an ITIL foundation certification. This is applicable all profiles regardless if that is highlighted in the CV profile or not. All consultants need to have ITIL foundation prior the start at ECDC. In the offer it should get clear if any of the proposed consults still miss the ITIL foundation certification and how that will be achieved prior to the start of the FWC.