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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Interfaces with other Contractors
With reference to Section “2.1 Introduction: Background to the invitation to tender “, of the procurement document “EN-Tender Specifications_9196_IT_Infrastructure services”, ECDC is using a number of framework contracts to organise the overall IT projects and services required. Could you please clarify the following: 1. In case we face up a problem that is related with another contract which is our interface in order to solve this? 2. Our understanding is that as part of the services covered by the present call for tenders, the contractor will interface and cooperate with all 4 other contracts of ECDC. Can you please confirm?
In case you need to cooperate with other contractors to solve an issue, e.g. you have to submit an incident to Microsoft or require a bugfix from the development contractor, we expect that you will cooperate as best as can with this contractor to get the incident resolved. The incident timer would be set during assignment to the 3rd party to stop clock. Especially in the service line “application hosting” you will cooperate with the development contractor and the contract for project management. For the general service delivery you might cooperate also with the contractor for quality management. The usual interface with 3rd parties will be via email via ECDC or in the service management tool (e.g. for incident assignment, change request follow up).