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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Third Parties
With reference to section “ ICT BackOffice” of the Tender Specifications, the area of management of applications and systems entails, among others, the following task: “20. Opening and management of tickets with external providers. A regular and close follow-up of cases opened with the different software vendors is requested.” However, in section “ Close co-operation with ECDC and with 3rd Parties” of Tender Specifications it is stated that “Another example is when the FrontOffice need to create an incident with an external vendor e.g. open a ticket with Microsoft or make a subscription for a mobile in order to provide the service. In such cases, the Contractor shall interact directly with a 3rd party upon approval of ECDC.” Could you please clarify whether the above-mentioned task should be assigned to the FrontOffice or the BackOffice staff?
Incidents with Microsoft could be followed by either team, depending on the nature of the request, e.g. an Office incident would be managed by Frontoffice, a Sharepoint issue by Backoffice. The follow up of a mobile subscription would be done by Frontoffice.