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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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We would be grateful if you could clearly say if you expect the global budget with our fees (fixed price, intra and extra muros hourly costs) as well as all reimbursables ? Our understanding is that no elements of our financial offer should appear in the technical proposal. Our understanding is then to only include venue expenses to justify the selection of the venue. Can you confirm ?
The primary objective of the test case is to assess the quality of proposed solutions. The briefing clearly mentions that the maximum budget available for the event is 450K€ (service fees and event logistics). This amount should serve as a reference/order of magnitude for tenderers and help them design their technical solutions accordingly. For the purpose of this evaluation we will assume that the technical solution proposed by the tenderer is within the given ceiling. The cost breakdown is not a compulsory element of the proposal. However, tenderers are free to include such dimension in their elaboration of strengths and weaknesses as an additional element to support their recommendations, if deemed appropriate.