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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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Financial offer - new template
Good morning, We have received corrigendum 4 and new excel template for the financial offer. We have noted that the maximum amount of 5.000.000€ is crossed out in the 2 first sheets. In the third sheet, the fact that we should not send proposal over this amount is crossed out but not the maximum amount (as it is the case in the 2 first sheets). We have checked the new tender specifications but the part 1.4 regarding the budget is not modified. Can you tell what is the maximum budget for this framework contract? Is this new amount including contractor fees as well as external expenses ? Thank you in advance for your kind support. Best regards
The maximum budget EFSA has available for this assignment is 5.000.000 including all the expenses , indexation prices etc.. € Only for the financial evaluation purpose, the maximum total amount resulting from Group 1 FP and Group 2 TM cannot exceed 2.400.000 euros