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Job rotations
In the SLA, HR-03 KPI you define that “Seating places in ECDC for the provider should be used with a good level of rotation of inside/offside work. From the 5 seats we expect rotation of 4 of them on 14 days cycle” and the target set is “Minimum 7 seat rotations per month” a. Could you please clarify the requirement? b. Do you mean that every 14 days the Contractor will have to make a rotation of at least 4 of the 5 persons that will be onsite? c. If this is the case, that leads to at least 8 rotations per month, therefore the target of 7 seat rotations does not appear logical. Please clarify d. Is the 14 days cycle for doing rotations mandatory? e. By 14 days we assume you mean 2 weeks. Please confirm
indeed on a 14 days = 2 weeks basis we expect that at least 4 of 5 onsite consultants will be exchanged. This would lead to 8 exchanges per month. To give same level of freedom for “force major” situatuations the KPI is one less, so minimum 7 exchanges per month.