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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Technical and Professional Capacity
In section 3.2.3 (Technical and Professional Capacity) of the Tender Specifications, it is requested that the Tenderers submit “A description of the tenderer's professional activity (maximum of 3 A4-pages, font Times New Roman, size 12) including activities with regard to the scope of this call for tender. Proof of 3 relevant references to projects with a short description detailing the Methodologies/tools/operating systems/hardware/software involved (maximum of 1 A4-pages, font Times New Roman, size 12) with annex of signed reference letter by client.” We understand that the description of the Tenderer’s professional activity and the project references are submitted as separate documents. Furthermore, we understand that the document describing the business activities of the Tenderer should be up to 3 pages long, and that each project reference description should be up to 1 page long. Please confirm or clarify.
Your assumption is fully correct. The description of the tenderer's professional activity should be 3 pages long and on addition you should provide 3 reference on 1 page each.