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Provision of Disaster Recovery Data Center space and associated services
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Council of the European Union
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Financial Evaluation
The tender specifications, point 24. "Financial Evaluation" state that, regarding required power capacity, “the consumption of 70 kW (during year 1 to 4) and 100 kW (during year 5 to 8) are estimated values used for the purpose of comparison of financial offers. During the execution of the contract, for invoicing the real consumption will be considered.” What will be the real consumption? How can tenderers price the 70kW and the 100 kW without knowing the actual capacity to which you will commit?
The surface required in the specifications corresponds to a need plus a provision for an expansion during the execution of the contract. The consumption of power is given as a reference for the financial evaluation (= financial comparison of offers). Each tenderer must answer with the same source figures. E.g. 70 k is an average consumption for an hour. The price per year will be obtained by multiplying the figure by the number of hours in a year and the unit price per kW.h. The financial table foresees a higher consumption after 4 years (to cover a growth of the infrastructure). The information to be provided by the tenderers is the unit price/kW.h. The real consumption is not known in advance as it depends on the size of the infrastructure which can evolve and the activity which can vary.