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Technical support to improve and automatize data collection and reporting on ani...
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European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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English (en)
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Selection Criteria
Among the requirements for demonstrating the technical and professional capacity, at point f) it is stated that: "Each expert individually must have an excellent level of spoken and written standard UK English. For non-native speakers, this should be demonstrated by an Official certificate of English proving a B2 level OR a statement confirming at least 3 years of work in an English-speaking environment etc." Please could you clarify whether the official certificate has to be attached to the documents for each CV or the specifications of the level of spoken and written English reported in the single CV are enough. In addition, please could you provide some possible examples on what is considered as " English-speaking environment". Is it referring to UK/Ireland and International Organizations only (such as EC, FAO, OIE, EFSA, etc.) or also international centers (such as FAO/WHO/OIE reference laboratories/centers) or other multinational working environments.
If an official certificate is available for an individual to evidence level B2, then this should be attached to the individuals CV. If an individual has worked in a English speaking environment, this should be explained in the statement. An English speaking environment could be any of the examples which you mention, in addition, it could involve working for any public or private body where the daily working language is English.