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Galileo commercial service demonstrator.
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Consistency of WP3000 and WP4000 names in tender specifications
The names of WP3000 and WP4000 are not consistent throughout the tender specifications. On page 37, WP3000 refers to "CS Testing and Performance Analysis" and WP4000 refers to "CS Early Proof-of Concept (EPOC)". However, on pages 43-46 WP3000 refers to "CS Early Proof-of Concept (EPOC)" and WP4000 refers to "CS Testing and Performance Analysis". We would highly appreciate a clarification on the correct WP numbering to use in the preparation of the proposal.
There is an editorial error in the Work Package numbering in page 37. The correct Work Package numbering is "WP3000: CS Early Proof-of Concept (EPOC)" and "WP4000: CS Testing and Performance Analysis", as followed through the document. In addition, another editorial error was spoted in page 57 (Annex B, guidelines for preparation of deliverable documents), DDVP section. The sentence "The document shall outline… in a staggered way" is not applicable to the ITT.